Next Generation property management tools

We provide a wide range of property management tools including billing and letting. Sign Leases and process rent payments right on your phone.


To Property Managers and Landlords

No more wondering which apartments is late on payment or sending reminders to tenants to pay rents. Get this and may more automated

Receive Payments Immediately

Process payments seemlessly with support for mobile money and different payment platforms.


Manage and resolve maintenance issues

Tenant Verification

You can accept online applications and screen tenants before drawing up contracts

Rent reporting and analytics

There’s also a dedicated owner’s portal, which offers automated monthly reports on vacancies, occupation and rental payments. /and you can keep an eye on your finances by downloading detailed reports

Automatic Reminders

keep track of lease expiry & renewal dates.

Manage Lease Agreement

keep track of lease expiry & renewal dates.

We got you Tenants emoji

Pay directly from your mobile money , bank accounts without any hassle.

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